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This program was designed to fullfill the needs of our community's women and young women alike. Forever expanding, it has quickly become a success, and keeps adding a vast array of classes and groups to it's already popular schedule.

Our first and foremost program. This is what started it all off for the WolfPack! The youth program was an overnight success. a mixture of all ages (to age sixteen). This program became a beneficial part of the community. 

The beautiful koz  program

alpha paws youth program

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 Welcome to the Wolfpack boxing club's website

 founded in 2013, the wolfpack boxing club is a ground-breaking, non-profit  organization. the club, which began solely as a youth program in a garage,  flourished, grew, and became a larger entity within the community. now home to  several programs designed to get families involved into fitness, the club has  established itself as a key part of the community.

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